Monday, December 31, 2007

A Zain deal for Syriatel ?

Is Zain Eying on Syriatel? Well, it looks like the leading Kuwaiti telecom operator has some greater expansion plans, as rumours are surfacing about a Zain deal to include Syriatel & the wonderful world to embrace Syria next.

Zain LogoWell, that would look like a natural move, since Zain has, Jordan (ex-Fastlink), Bahrein, Lebanon (mtc touch), Saudi, Iraq (mtc Atheer), Yemen, Sudan, in total 22 countries (14 in Africa & 8 in the ME) already under its umbrella.

One great advantage already existing in Africa, an initiative that has not been done anywhere else in the world -- where international calls are made at local rates across 12 countries -- could benefit Middle Eastern users, since the wonderful world of Zain is becoming part of one connected network.

Updates will follow...

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