Thursday, December 27, 2007

In An Absolut World

In an Absolut World
An Absolute vision must definitely be shaped by the widest spectrum of artistic colours & flavours in order to refine one's own. In an Absolut World...Things should, however, look widely different....

Launched in late August 2007, ABSOLUT Vodka invited everyone to share their vision of what an Absolut World should be.

"In an Absolut World' ...aims to be the world's biggest community of visionaries -- a dynamic place where everyone has the chance to rate, comment on, even interact with and improve the visions of everyone else. It is about engaging people everywhere, challenging them to see the planet with fresh eyes and make it a better, more inspiring, more Absolut world.

Absolut has reached out to select up-and-coming visionaries in the arts, media, entertainment and other fields to engage them to express their own clever and daring solutions for a less-than-ideal world.
Soon, very soon, several global heavyweight visionaries will also chime in with their visions of a world that's a little more Absolut.
Check out Absolut visions before it's too late & ideally share your own.

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